PTBi East Africa Post-doctoral Fellowship Program

PTBi East Africa Post-doctoral Fellowship Program

In 2015, PTBi East Africa launched a two-year, transdisciplinary post-doctoral fellowship to build future capacity and leadership. Jointly funded by PTBi-California, fellows design and execute research projects with a diverse group of mentors and are provided with unique insights on programming, policy, and advocacy priorities to more effectively achieve impact.


Since its inception, ten fellows have graduated the program; four fellows focused on prematurity in the East Africa context. All ten graduates have secured faculty positions at UCSF or another institution and five have received NIH K awards. They have collectively published over 50 first-authored peer-reviewed manuscripts. In 2019, PTBi was awarded a prestigious T32 training grant from the National Institutes of Health to both expand and sustain the fellowship.


Nicole Santos

MNCH Title
Research and Program Manager
Primary Affiliation
University of California San Francisco