Felix Sayinzoga

Felix Sayinzoga

Formal Title
Maternal, Child and Community Health Division Manager
Primary Affiliation
Rwanda Biomedical Center

Félix Sayinzoga is a Maternal,Child and Community Health Division Manager within

Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC), an implementing agency of the Ministry of Health.

He is medical doctor and he received his Masters in Epidemiology from School of

Public Health/National University of Rwanda. He is a PhD candidate at Radboud

University/ Nijemegen-Netherlands. He has been working as general practitioner for

4 years in CHUB and district hospitals especially in maternity service. He has been

part of a number of maternal, newborn and child health promotion activities. He

was leading and involved in the elaboration of many Ministry of Health documents

on Maternal and Child Health related policy, strategic plans, guidelines and training